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Recalibrate & Rise

A 1:1 Ceremonial Alignment Session

1:1 Ceremonial Session to Clear, Align, & Recalibrate

Enter into an intentional space with me to ground, gain clarity, and energetically reset. Each session is uniquely customized to you and your energy and will include various ritualistic practices, energy work, and more.

Held Virtually | 90 Minutes | Recorded

In this webinar we will cover

What to Expect

Gain clarity, energetically reset, clear
~ stagnant energy, recalibrate your ~ frequency, feel clear and centered

Customized to your needs/intentions and may include:

  • Guided hypnosis

  • Intuitive tarot

  • Meditation

  • Energy clearing

  • Cord cutting/reorientation

  • EFT (Tapping)

  • Breathwork

  • Chakra harmonizing


And more...


An Alignment Session is For You if...

  • You feel stuck/blocked in an area of your life

  • You want to energetically reset and clear stagnant energy

  • You want to receive clarity and clear doubt/fear

  • You feel burnt out/energetically drained and want to recalibrate

  • You feel ungrounded and want to anchor back into your body, your energy, and the present

Questions? Email:

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  • Spotify
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