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About Montoya

What I really care about is living a life of creative fulfillment and embodied expression. I believe we're all creative and came here to share our gifts in unique ways. Through my writing, podcast, and hypnotherapy offerings I hope to inspire you and help you unlock your inner soul artistry.


Since I was a little girl I've been (and always will be) a student of spirituality, esoteric wisdom, curiosity, wonder, and magic. I'm a writer, podcaster, hypnotherapist, and a witch when the sun goes down. Just kidding. Maybe.


My hypnotherapy work revolves around guiding clients to meet themselves fully, the light and dark, in order to empower themselves and create life-changing shifts.


At the root of everything I create lies my core philosophy:


You always have and always will have everything you need within you.


The answers are not “out there”. It’s through stillness, curiosity, surrender, and trust that the answers are revealed.


My intention is to inspire you to live a life of creative fulfillment and embodied expression WHILE having fun and not taking it all so seriously.

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